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Route AIR-05STL from BBM Cluster Depot to Azadpur Terminal Details

Bus Start Stop BBM Cluster Depot
Bus End Stop Azadpur Terminal
Total Stops 9

Bus Stops on AIR-05STL Up Route

Stop Number Bus Stop Name
1 BBM Cluster Depot
2 Sewa Kutir
3 GTB Nagar / Haqiqat Nagar
4 GTB Nagar
5 New Police Lines
6 Alpana Cinema (Model Town Mtr Stn)
7 Model Town II
8 Model Town III
9 Azadpur Terminal

Route AIR-05STL from Azadpur Terminal to BBM Cluster Depot Details

Bus Start Stop Azadpur Terminal
Bus End Stop BBM Cluster Depot
Total Stops 8

Bus Stops on AIR-05STL Down Route

Stop Number Bus Stop Name
1 Azadpur Terminal
2 Model Town III
3 Model Town II
4 Alpana Cinema (Model Town Mtr Stn)
5 New Police Line
6 GTB Nagar / Haqiqat Nagar
7 Sewa Kutir
8 BBM Cluster Depot

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