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Route 271STL from BBM Cluster Depot to Jagat Pur Temple Details

Bus Start Stop BBM Cluster Depot
Bus End Stop Jagat Pur Temple
Total Stops 18

Bus Stops on 271STL Up Route

Stop Number Bus Stop Name
1 BBM Cluster Depot
2 Sewa Kutir
3 GTB Nagar / Haqiqat Nagar
4 INS Hostel
5 Vishwa Vidyalaya Metro Station
6 Lucknow Road
7 DDA Flats Lucknow Road
9 CGHC Dispensary
10 Balak Ram Hospital
11 Police Station Timarpur
12 Nehru Vihar Crossing
13 Wazirabad Crossing GT Road
14 Gopal Pur / Jagat Pur Crossing
15 Jagat Pur Crossing
16 Gurjjar Chowk
17 Gali No 6 Wazirabad
18 Jagat Pur Temple

Route 271STL from Jagat Pur Temple to BBM Cluster Depot Details

Bus Start Stop Jagat Pur Temple
Bus End Stop BBM Cluster Depot
Total Stops 17

Bus Stops on 271STL Down Route

Stop Number Bus Stop Name
1 Jagat Pur Temple
2 Gali No 6 Wazirabad
3 Gurjjar Chowk
4 Jagat Pur Crossing
5 Gopal Pur / Jagat Pur Crossing
6 Wazirabad Crossing GT Road
7 Nehru Vihar Xing
8 Police Station Timarpur
9 Balak Ram Hospital
10 Timarpur
11 Banarsi Daas Estate Timarpur
12 Mall Road
13 Vishwa Vidyalaya Metro Station
14 INS Hostel
15 GTB Nagar / Haqiqat Nagar
16 Sewa Kutir
17 BBM Cluster Depot

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