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Route 829A from Najafgarh Terminal to Shikar Pur Village Details

Bus Start Stop Najafgarh Terminal
Bus End Stop Shikar Pur Village
Total Stops 18

Bus Stops on 829A Up Route

Stop Number Bus Stop Name
1 Najafgarh Terminal
2 Jharoda Crossing
3 Health Centre
4 Najafgarh Delhi Gate
5 Chawla Stand Najafgarh
6 BDO Office
7 Durga Vihar
8 Deenpur Village
9 Goela Dairy Crossing
10 Jhatikra Crossing Pandwala Road
11 Rewla Khanpur Crossing
12 Purani Basti Rewla Khanpur
13 Pandwala Crossing
14 Osho Dhyan Mandir Jhatikra Road
15 Daulat Pur Crossing
16 Shikar Pur Crossing
17 Sarvodya School Daulat Pur
18 Shikar Pur Village

Route 829A from Shikar Pur Village to Najafgarh Terminal Details

Bus Start Stop Shikar Pur Village
Bus End Stop Najafgarh Terminal
Total Stops 18

Bus Stops on 829A Down Route

Stop Number Bus Stop Name
1 Shikar Pur Village
2 Sarvodya School Daulat Pur
3 Shikar Pur Crossing
4 Daulat Pur Crossing
5 Osho Dhyan Mandir Jhatikra Road
6 Pandwala Crossing
7 Purani Basti Rewla Khanpur
8 Rewla Tajpur Crossing
9 Jhatikara Crossing
10 Goela Dairy Crossing
11 Deenpur Village
12 Durga Vihar
13 BDO Office
14 Chhawla Stand Najafgarh
15 Police Station Najafgarh
16 Najafgarh Dhansa More
17 Jharoda Crossing Jharoda Road
18 Najafgarh Terminal

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