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Route 745E from Dwarka Sec-21 Crossing to Daulat Pur Village Details

Bus Start Stop Dwarka Sec-21 Crossing
Bus End Stop Daulat Pur Village
Total Stops 23

Bus Stops on 745E Up Route

Stop Number Bus Stop Name
1 Dwarka Sec-21 Crossing
2 Dwarka Sec-21 Metro Station
3 Bharthal Under Pass
4 Dwarka Road
5 Puspanjali G Block
6 Samalkha More
7 Samalkha Village
8 Kapashera More (Najafgarh Road)
9 Kapashera Village Bijwasan Road
10 Shri Golok Dham Bijwasan School
11 Bijwasan Railway Station
12 Bamnoli Crossing
13 Bamnoli Power Station
14 Toll Tax Post
15 BSF Campus Chhawla
16 BSF Camp Chhawla
17 Sumesh Vihar
18 Chhawla Village Kangan Heri Road
19 Rishal Vihar
20 Kangan Heri I
21 Daulat Pur Crossing
22 Shikar Pur Crossing
23 Daulat Pur Village

Route 745E from Daulat Pur Village to Dwarka Sec-21 Crossing Details

Bus Start Stop Daulat Pur Village
Bus End Stop Dwarka Sec-21 Crossing
Total Stops 22

Bus Stops on 745E Down Route

Stop Number Bus Stop Name
1 Daulat Pur Village
2 Shikar Pur Crossing
3 Daulat Pur Crossing
4 Kangan Heri - I
5 Rishal Vihar
6 Chhawla Village
7 Sumesh Vihar
8 BSF Camp Chhawla
9 BSF Campus Chhawla
10 Toll Tax Post
11 Bamnoli Power Station
12 Bamnoli Crossing
13 Bijwasan Railway Station
14 Shri Golok Dham Bijwasan School
15 Kapashera Village Bijwasan Road
16 Kapashera Crossing
17 Samalkha Village
18 Samalkha Crossing
19 Puspanjali G Block
20 Dwarka Road
21 Bharthal Under Pass
22 Dwarka Sec-21 Crossing

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