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Route 724A from Uttam Nagar to South Moti Bagh (Ring Road) Details

Bus Start Stop Uttam Nagar
Bus End Stop South Moti Bagh (Ring Road)
Total Stops 28

Bus Stops on 724A Up Route

Stop Number Bus Stop Name
1 Uttam Nagar
2 Uttam Nagar / A1 Janak Puri
3 Tilak Pul
4 Jivan park
5 C-1 Janak Puri
6 A-3 Janak Puri
7 C-2 Janakpuri
8 C2B Janak Puri
9 C4E Janakpuri
10 Central Market C3 Janakpuri
11 C-4H Janakpuri
12 Janakpuri C-5A
13 Desu Colony Janakpuri
14 SagarPur Vashisht Park
15 D Block Janak Puri
16 Lajwanti Garden
17 Lajwanti Garden (Carriappa Marg)
18 Janak Setu
19 Supply Depot
20 Kirbi Place
21 Thimiyan Park
22 S O Flats Carriappa Marg/Carriappa Vihar
23 R R Line
24 Golf Club
25 Dhaula Kuan
26 Satya Niketan
27 Gurudwara Moti Bagh
28 South Moti Bagh (Ring Road)

Route 724A from South Moti Bagh (Ring Road) to Uttam Nagar Terminal Details

Bus Start Stop South Moti Bagh (Ring Road)
Bus End Stop Uttam Nagar Terminal
Total Stops 27

Bus Stops on 724A Down Route

Stop Number Bus Stop Name
1 South Moti Bagh (Ring Road)
2 Moti Bagh Gurudawara Nanakpura
3 Satya Niketan
4 ARSD College (Dhaula Kuan)
5 Dhaula Kuan
6 RR Line
7 Garrison Engg.
8 Brar Square
9 Thimiyan Park
10 Kirbi Place
11 Supply Depot
12 Janak Setu
13 Nangal Raya Lajwanti Garden
14 D Block Janak Puri (Pankha Road)
15 SagarPur Vashisht Park
16 Desu Colony Janakpuri
17 C-5A Janakpuri
18 Central Market C3 Janakpuri
19 C4E Janakpuri
20 C2B Janak Puri
21 C-2 Janakpuri
22 A-3 Janak Puri
23 C1 Janak Puri
24 Jivan park
25 Tilak Pul
26 Uttam Nagar / A1 Janak Puri
27 Uttam Nagar Terminal

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