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Route 165A from GTK Depot to Shahbad Dairy Details

Bus Start Stop GTK Depot
Bus End Stop Shahbad Dairy
Total Stops 16

Bus Stops on 165A Up Route

Stop Number Bus Stop Name
1 GTK Depot
2 Mukarba Chowk
3 Sanjay Gandhi Transport Nagar
4 Prem Nagar
5 Samaypur School
6 Badli Railway Staion
7 Badli Telephone Exchange
8 Rohini DTC Depot 4
9 Sri Krishan Apartments
10 Rohini Sec-16 Xing
11 Delhi Engg College Shahbad
12 Shahbad Daulatpur Gaon
13 Shahbad Daulatpur School
14 St Xavier School
15 Shahbad Dairy Block A
16 Shahbad Dairy

Route 165A from Shahbad Dairy to GTK Depot Details

Bus Start Stop Shahbad Dairy
Bus End Stop GTK Depot
Total Stops 17

Bus Stops on 165A Down Route

Stop Number Bus Stop Name
1 Shahbad Dairy
2 Shahbad Dairy A Block
3 St. Xavier School Shahbad
4 Shahbad Daulatpur School
5 Shahbad Daulatpur Gaon
6 Delhi Engg College Shahbad
7 Rohini Sec-16 Xing
8 Shri Krishna Apartments
9 Rohini DTC Depot 4
10 Badli Telephone Exchange
11 Badli Railway Staion
12 Samaypur School
13 Prem Nagar
14 Libas Pur GT Road
15 Sanjay Gandhi Transport Nagar
16 Mukarba Chowk
17 GTK Depot

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